Global Food & Nutrition with its network of global partners, provides services and expertise in all aspects of food and nutrition, from policy and programs to business and research.

Food Security & Food Systems

Research, analyze, and develop solutions for improved food availability, food access, food utilization, and stability.

Food Transformation, Safety & Quality Assurance

Work with companies, agencies, and consumers to innovate around nutritious products and related policy and regulations.

Market Development & Product Research

Lead the design and evaluation process of new foods and food aid products, conduct research and development, focus on nutrient recovery in processing, analyze nutritional content, and ensure food safety efforts.

Research & Evidence Building

Design and conduct interviews, focus groups, randomized controlled trials, studies, surveys, and nutritional assessments measuring body composition and biomarkers.

Monitoring & Evaluations

Design, conduct, and oversee assessments of program and policy implementation, including monitoring progress towards indicators and goals to prove or refute Theory of Change (ToC).

Disaster & Emergency Relief

Optimize food logistics in the humanitarian supply chain and provide the best options for people in emergency settings.

Policy Development & Analysis

Provide scientific testimony, hold stakeholder consultations, report to Congress, develop policy frameworks, and aid in the institutionalization process.